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The New Brutalism

Soft PiecesThe New Brutalism

Available now from Panic Research!

This is my most abrasive CDR, so far. The main tools were feedback, ring modulation, and repetition. You can hear full tracks on my MySpace page

It’s so new that it’s not even up on the Panic Research site yet… but don’t sleep on this. Like the other Manilla Series CDRs, it’s strictly limited to 50 handmade copies. 

$5 for the CDR. $3 for shipping. (Each additional copy adds $1 for shipping.) Please contact Panic Research honcho Jeff Bagato to order.


Last week, I was interviewed by the Washington Post. Here’s what made it into this week’s Weekend section:

Zach Mason, who plays a digital synthesizer and performs as Soft Pieces, speculates that people are pushing for new music and are that much more inclined to look up artists such as John Cage or Jandek. (Even actress and singer Mandy Moore recently tweeted about her interest in Jandek.) “You have the explosion of Internet research,” Mason says. “I think people’s influences, like roots on a tree, they’re sort of reaching out further.”

He recounts a recent performance that drew newcomers: “People were asking, ‘Is there going to be a Q&A? Is someone going to explain this to me?’ “

Be sure to check out the full article for more from Jason Mullinax (Pilesar) and Jeff Surak (Violet).


(It helps if you picture those giant tribunal faces from Superman II.)

Fully Engaged Feminism

And here‘s a PDF should you have the means and motivation to print and promote.

Le Déluge

I’ll save your time and skip the rain/flood/etc./etc./etc. metaphors, but suffice to say that if activity were moisture I’d be sopping.

(That’s kind of gross.)

Substantive, less gross updates: Soon.


I built an unnamed noise instrument, this weekend. You should hear it.

(You can follow me on Twitter to read about these things closer to when they happen.)

Benefit CDR

The ACCESS benefit EP is now available!

Featuring: BLK w/ BEAR, Layne Garrett, Grapefruit Experiment, Sandy Marshall, and Soft Pieces.

100% of the $5 cost goes to the DC Abortion Fund (DCAF).

Order now!

News-like Things

1. If you’re in the DC area, be sure to set aside the evening of Saturday, July 18th for the ACCESS benefit.


2. Chester Hawkins (Blue Sausage Infant) got some great photos of Sunday’s collaboration with the Human Crochet Project at the Pyramid Atlantic gallery.


3. Dan Herr shot video of the performance!


4. This is what Michel Gondry thinks I look like.

Upcoming Show

Sunday, June 21st, 7pm at the Pyramid Atlantic gallery in Silver Spring, MD. It’s me, Novi_sad, and Acheronian. For more information, check the flyer.


My performance, yesterday: New Body Image (17:09 . 192kbps . 24MB . MP3)