I’m about to start writing and recording the next One Warm Spark record. Here’s the stuff that I keep coming back to, lately, to give you an idea of what the material may sound like:

Animal Collective – “My Girls” (Live)
Boris / Merzbow – “Flower Sun Rain” (Live)
Peter Brötzmann – “Machine Gun”
Kate Bush – “Hello Earth”
Alice Coltrane – “Isis and Osiris” (Live)
Gastr Del Sol – “Each Dream is an Example”
Harvey Milk – “The Anvil Will Fall”
PJ Harvey – “Hardly Wait” (Demo)
Melvins – “Night Goat”
Merzbow – “Hachiman Taro No Uta”
Mogwai – “Travel is Dangerous”
Joanna Newsom – “Monkey and Bear”
Jim O’Rourke – “Halfway to a Threeway”
Original Silence – “If Light Has No Age, Time Has No Shadow”
Iggy Pop – “Neighborhood Threat”
The Raincoats – “Shouting Out Loud”
Ratatat – “Breaking Away”
Roxy Music – “In Every Dream Home a Heartache”
Run DMC – “It’s Like That”
The Smiths – “What Difference Does It Make?”
Sun Ra – “Space is the Place Suite” (Life is Splendid)
Throbbing Gristle – “IBM”
Mary Timony – “Fire Myself”
The Velvet Underground – “What Goes On” (Live)
Kanye West – “Paranoid”
Wire – “On Returning”
Robert Wyatt – “Free Will and Testament”
X-Ray Spex – “I Can’t Do Anything”

The songs above point to more vocals and more distortion. Beyond that… who knows.

How about you? What are you listening to?

MegaHz Videos

The MegaHz Experimental & Noise Festival was this past weekend and I was lucky enough to play the Sunday show in Richmond’s Gallery 5.

Below are two videos from my set, shot and edited by Laura.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

MegaHz CD

I have an exclusive track called “HH” on the new MegaHz compilation CD from SMTG Limited.

It’s available for order online and it’ll be sold at this weekend’s MegaHz Fest.

Saturday, October 4th

The final word: I’m going to be the first act of the day, going on at 2:30pm sharp.

Check here for the full Sonic Circuits DC schedule.

Sonic Circuits DC

The week-long festival is starting this Sunday. School and work are keeping me busy but I’m definitely going to the CD release party and performances at the Velvet Lounge this Sunday.

I should know more about my slot on Saturday, October 4th soon. My guess is that I’ll be asked to perform in the early afternoon as the least known person playing that day. As for the performance itself: Expect the unexpected. And wear goggles. Actually, do not do either of those things. Especially the first one. You will be asked to leave.

In Print

From today’s print version of the Washington Post’s free daily the Express:

MAKE SOME NOISE: Above, Maryland’s own Zach Mason goes by the nom d’electronica Soft Pieces and makes tough, organic soundscapes…

To see the whole thing, please check out page 45 of this PDF.

My Beautiful Face

It’s really weird that someone decided to use my yarn-wrapped mug as the representative image for a week-long festival of experimental electronic music. (Especially since I’m not mentioned by name.) I guess I have to accept that… well… I’m a sex symbol now.

So… come to the show, next week, and I will share not only my music but my bone structure.


Upcoming Show

12 October 2008 . Sunday . 5 pm – 11 pm
MegaHz Experimental & Noise Festival (Gallery 5) . Richmond, VA . $5
Birds in the Meadow,
Caustic Castle, Pinko Communoids, and lots more
As: Zach Mason

Sick and Loud

I’m now on my second day at home with the Super Cold™. (Four hours of sleep during the day, in addition to seven at night is very much not my style.) But I finished my first batch of homework for Flash class and now I’m free to put more time into show prep.

Much more important than all that:

Bitch Magazine #41: The Loud Issue

Bitch Magazine #41: The Loud Issue

Get it because of the excellent editorial by Laura Craig Mason (on page 18) and because of the inherent awesomeness of every issue of Bitch Magazine.

The Bizness

I finally updated the Art page – always linked to by the A button in the site’s header – to include most of my past projects. Please check it out if you get a chance. I hope to have more information there before too long.

Also: If anyone happened to download the Ninth Order of Simulacra video when it was available on the old site, please let me know. It looks like I don’t have a copy anywhere.  :/